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टेलीग्राम चैनल का लोगो englishmade_easy — English Made Easy E
टेलीग्राम चैनल का लोगो englishmade_easy — English Made Easy
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नवीनतम संदेश 5

2023-04-29 06:39:43
3.2K views03:39
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2023-04-24 19:28:02 Library of E-Books
Guide of Bitcoin
English Grammar Books

491 views16:28
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2023-04-24 08:30:09 Todd: So Meg, do you live in a house or an apartment?

Meg: I live in an apartment near the train station.

Todd: Oh, you live downtown.

Meg: I do.

Todd: Do you like living downtown?

Meg: I do like living downtown because it's so convenient. Everything is close by, grocery stores, the mall, the station.

Todd: Oh, that's great. So what about your apartment? Do you have a nice apartment?

Meg: It's a nice apartment, but it's really small.

Todd: Oh yeah? How many rooms?

Meg: Well, there are three rooms. But each room is pretty small. There's a bedroom, a sitting room like a living room, and the kitchen room.

Todd: Oh, wow. So in your bedroom, like, do you have a big queen size bed, a small bed?

Meg: I have a small twin size bed or a single bed in the bedroom because it's pretty small. So there's not much space for a big bed.

Todd: All right. So do you have a TV in your bedroom?

Meg: No. Actually, I don't own a TV at all.

Todd: Really? So there's no TV in the living room, too.

Meg: There's no TV anywhere in the apartment.

Todd: Wow. What do you do in your house?

Meg: I have a laptop computer. So usually, I can watch some TV shows or videos on my laptop.

Todd: All right. Okay. Do you like to watch movies in bed?

Meg: Yeah. Sometimes I like to watch movies in bed or sometimes I prefer to sit in the living room and watch movies.

Todd: Right. So you must have high-speed Internet.

Meg: I do. Yes. I have an Internet box that my laptop can connect to.

Todd: Okay. Cool. Do you have a nice big sofa?

Meg: I have two small sofas. So you can push them together to make one big sofa or you can keep them separate. Usually, I keep them separate because there's more room for people to sit on.

Todd: Okay. Now, you like to cook. So you must have a nice kitchen.

Meg: Unfortunately, I have a very tiny kitchen.

Todd: Oh no. How do you cook?

Meg: I have to use some extra tables to have more space. The counter is really small, so there's not much space. So I have an extra table I use for preparing the food.

Todd: Okay. Do you have an oven?

Meg: I have a very small toaster oven. So it's not really an oven.

Todd: All right. So do you have a microwave?

Meg: I do have a microwave and a small refrigerator and one burner, like a stove top burner.

Todd: Okay. Do you cook every night?

Meg: I don't cook every night. Sometimes, I'm too busy. And sometimes because my kitchen is so small, I get a little frustrated. So I just pick up some food from a restaurant.

Todd: All right. Now, you live in an apartment, so how many floors does your apartment building have?

Meg: The building has five floors and I live on the fifth floor.

Todd: Nice. Fifth floor.

Meg: Yeah. The view is nice, but unfortunately, there's no elevator.

Todd: Oh no.

Meg: So you always have to take the stairs.

Todd: Wow. Five flights of stairs.

Meg: Five flights of stairs everyday. But it's good exercise.

Todd: So you're on the fifth floor. Do you have a balcony?

Meg: I have a small balcony where my washing machine is and I can also hang out my laundry out there.

Todd: Oh cool, washing machine is outside.

Meg: It is outside. It's a little different from my house in America.

Todd: So from your view, what can you see?

Meg: I can see the train station from one window and all the restaurants downtown. And from a different window, I can see the mountains.

Todd: Oh nice. Yeah, the mountains are nice.

Meg: Yeah, it's really pretty.


1.2K views05:30
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2023-04-24 08:30:09
English Listening Lesson Library Online

Level 3 - Lessons for High Beginners

Beginner - Level 3


Meg's Place
952 views05:30
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2023-04-23 04:39:41
682 views01:39
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2023-04-22 19:28:03 Library of E-Books
Guide of Bitcoin
English Grammar Books

457 views16:28
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2023-04-22 16:03:12 X²¹ Peniel

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2023-04-22 04:39:51
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2023-04-20 19:28:02 Library of E-Books
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720 views16:28
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2023-04-20 05:13:35 Meg: Hey, Todd. I know you've traveled a lot. What countries have you lived in?

Todd: I've lived in three countries. I've traveled to many, many countries. But I've actually lived in three. I lived in England for one year. I lived in Thailand for four years. And I have lived in Japan for 15 years.

Meg: Wow. So when you lived in England, why did you live there?

Todd: It was the first country I traveled to after college. And I had a work permit, a work visa for one year. And I worked at a pub restaurant, which was great. It was in the countryside. And I really enjoyed it. And then I did that for six months. I lived near Cambridge. So, I was near Cambridge University. And then after that I moved to London. And again, I worked at a restaurant. And I lived in London and just worked.

Meg: Wow. So it was after college. How old were you?

Todd: I was 23 years old.

Meg: Oh, and living in London. That must have been fun.

Todd: It was fun. And interestingly, when I went to England, I could not speak English. So, I could not understand British people. It took me maybe two months before I could understand their English. So it was very, very difficult to understand British people when I first moved there.

Meg: Ah, so you liked it.

Todd: I did like England. It was fun. It was my first country. But the weather was cold for me. I'm from California, and California in the United States is very warm. So I didn't like the weather. But that's okay because all British people don't like the weather, too.

Meg: Oh, really?

Todd: Yeah. Everybody complains about the weather.

Meg: So after England, did you move someplace warmer?

Todd: I did. Right after England, I moved to Thailand. And I lived in Thailand for over four years.

Meg: Wow. Why did you live in Thailand?

Todd: I was traveling. And in Thailand I had no money and I needed a job. And I wanted to stay in Thailand, so I became an English teacher.

Meg: Really?

Todd: Yeah.

Meg: Did you teach English there for four years?

Todd: I did. So I went there and I began teaching English. Then I got a teaching course certificate to teach English in Thailand, and I really enjoyed it. The Thai students were really fun. And Thailand is a great place to live because the weather is really nice. The people are really friendly and the food is delicious. It has the best food in the world, I think.

Meg: I've also heard that Thailand is beautiful. Is it true?

Todd: It is. It has many, many beautiful islands and it has lots of beautiful places with nature and the mountains. It has jungles. It has beautiful beaches. So it's a nice place to live.

Meg: So you like Thailand, too.

Todd: I did. Thailand was great. Yeah.

Meg: So England, Thailand, you said next was Japan?

Todd: Yeah, so next was Japan. And Japan is nice. I am a teacher, an English teacher in Japan and I love teaching English in Japan. Like Thailand, the food is really, really good. The people are nice. The scenery is really beautiful. So Japan is really nice.

Meg: Are there fun things to do in Japan?

Todd: Yes. Actually, I like Japan the most because you get everything. You get lots of beautiful nature. So, you can go hiking. You can go see beautiful beaches. You can go to really nice islands. But also Japan has many, many nice cities. So you can go to Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and the cities have lots to do. There's good shopping, great restaurants. It's easy to travel in Japan by train and bus. So, it's really nice.

Meg: Oh, that sounds like the best of both worlds.

Todd: Yeah, it is. Definitely a good place to live.


736 views02:13
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