Why 'Bhakti Movement' is Marxist PropogandaMarxist Propga — की तरफ से संदेश सुधर्मा Sudharma

Why 'Bhakti Movement' is Marxist Propoganda

Marxist Propgandists have shown Vaishnava Acharyas and Sants as some Reformists who tried to dilute the Brahmanical and Vedic Hinduism.

Vedas are the root if Hinduism, and the Sole Duty of Preaching Vedas is only to Brahmanas, it is not a right, it is a Duty which has been laid upon them by Paramatma itself and they're supposed to learn and teach Vedas since birth.

Vaishnava Acharyas like Ramanuja are considered to be the ones to start the Bhakti Movement.

It is definitely true that Ramanujacharya revived and popularized Bhakti again among the masses. But he has not opposed anything of the Vedas. Pashubali has not been opposed, He did not allow Shudras to read Vedas, and what he did was He showed how Shastras are not granting Moksha only to Brahmanas, which was the previous misconception.

Entry into temples which did not violate Vedic Norms was popularized and promoted.
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