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NOTE: Intelligent people could also ake such decisions due to valid reasons. this post talks only about idiots.

Hinduism today has a lot of enemies - not only outside but also inside. Here's a list of ten types of the internal ones.

1. Idiots who said "Hinduism is not a religion, I'll be as liberal as I want and be friendly with everyone" and eventually got either converted or massacred

2. Idiots who refused to acknowledge scriptures and said they'll seek out answers by themselves but never really sought and thus gave birth to irreligious children who have no regard for our Dharma

3. Idiots who vote for the wrong political parties

4. Idiots who don't openly protest against anti hindu narratives on digital as well as print media

5. Idiots who think that Hinduism is regressive and that moving away from it is the only way to develop civilization

6. Idiots who decided not to marry and have kids despite Dhamashastras mandting it, and statistics of other religions showing that they multiply very quickly

7. Idiots who indulge in caste/gender based oppression under the name of Hinduism/Smriti and defame Hinduism.

8. Idiots who follow frauds like Ram Rahim or Jhakki Badguru instead of authentic Gurus and later start hating Hinduism itself once their guru's fraudulence is exposed/or when they realize truth.

9. Idiots who think that Sanatana Dharma is so great that there's absolutely nothing for us to do to follow and protect and that it would exist forever

10. Idiots who don't listen when authentic Acharyas speak, never support them or their Gurukuls and Ashrams and let their disciples to live in poverty, but then complain when Hinduism is attacked that these Acharyas are not coming forward to defend us.

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