की तरफ से संदेश सुधर्मा Sudharma

a by birth itself and must follow Shudratva as shown in the Shastras (which involves service to the members of the other Varnas who are properly retaining their Varna status by practising their karma as per Dharmic morals). A Shudra can fall further if he/she becomes adharmic - they can turn into Chandalas and avarnas. And eventually Mlecchas. Any once-Dharmic lineage can turn into Mlecchas - one lineage of Yayati's own sons have turned into Mlecchas. The Mahabharata also says that beyond the western deserts of Bharatavarsha near the lands of the Ramatha, Shudras and Mlecchas are kings of that land. Thus, falling into avarnatva is very easy. Retaining Varna is very tough but must be done for good things are always going to be tough to do but must be done nevertheless.

Don't be too proud of your surname. A surname speaks only about your forefathers. It says little to nothing about you whatsoever.

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