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टेलीग्राम चैनल का लोगो resistanceindia — RES INDIA News R
टेलीग्राम चैनल का लोगो resistanceindia — RES INDIA News
चैनल का पता: @resistanceindia
श्रेणियाँ: समाचार , ऐप्स
भाषा: हिंदी
ग्राहकों: 374
चैनल से विवरण

Official channel for Resistance India
Ask questions via @ResistanceIndiabot
Send in sitreps via @ResIndiabot

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नवीनतम संदेश

2021-04-23 19:00:01 No jokes!

You can now make links and fields UNDER a field!

The week-long event starts now.
242 views16:00
ओपन / कमेंट
2021-04-20 00:32:37
Have you made your first hack of a 7 day streak? Hack now to earn the Epoch badge!
359 views21:32
ओपन / कमेंट
2021-04-12 23:01:01 Congratulations!
434 views20:01
ओपन / कमेंट
2021-04-10 21:31:29
With 2 more days to go we're almost there.
425 views18:31
ओपन / कमेंट
2021-04-09 22:26:59 HACK THE PLANET!

Don't forget to use your Drone every 10 mins.
454 views19:26
ओपन / कमेंट
2021-04-09 19:00:27 Agents, with the current COVID-19 spike and lockdown restrictions, please be extra mindful of your health and the law during the weekend event.
Stay safe.
303 views16:00
ओपन / कमेंट
2021-03-30 21:02:26 The Glyph Hack to get the count is now working. Glyph Hacking now will give you an additional count for your NL badge.
421 views18:02
ओपन / कमेंट
2021-03-30 19:07:03 Honk Honk!
Glyph Hack a portal now to get your NL badge count up.
378 views16:07
ओपन / कमेंट
2021-03-26 19:12:42
Want to get your NL badge unlocked?

Glyph hack any portal between 30th March and 1st April (9:30 pm) to unlock it.

More special surprises at:
563 views16:12
ओपन / कमेंट
2021-03-22 08:39:28 An NL-1331 7th anniversary kit has been added to the Niantic shop site (ships in the USA only). The kit is a physical swag kit that incudes the NEW NL-1331 Fleet badge. More details are expected soon.
496 views05:39
ओपन / कमेंट