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टेलीग्राम चैनल का लोगो mygovcoronanewsdesk — MyGov Newsdesk M
टेलीग्राम चैनल का लोगो mygovcoronanewsdesk — MyGov Newsdesk
चैनल का पता: @mygovcoronanewsdesk
श्रेणियाँ: समाचार
भाषा: हिंदी
ग्राहकों: 608.85K
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नवीनतम संदेश

2024-03-02 18:10:50 The speed and scale of development has been unprecedented in the last 10 years.

Every Day, Every Minute, Every Moment

India is transforming! Know how!
17.0K views15:10
ओपन / कमेंट
2024-03-02 18:10:47
17.1K views15:10
ओपन / कमेंट
2024-03-01 20:54:12 Big news alert!

India's GDP surged beyond expectations, boasting an 8.4% growth rate in Q3 2023-24 compared to the previous year, surpassing all predictions!
26.4K views17:54
ओपन / कमेंट
2024-03-01 20:54:06
23.4K views17:54
ओपन / कमेंट
2024-02-29 12:27:35 India's digital evolution reached new heights with a remarkable 78% spike in rural internet users last year.

This significant growth signifies a critical step towards bridging the digital divide and empowering rural communities across the nation.
16.9K views09:27
ओपन / कमेंट
2024-02-29 12:27:31
17.1K views09:27
ओपन / कमेंट
2024-02-28 17:41:06
24.2K views14:41
ओपन / कमेंट
2024-02-28 17:16:16
21.4K views14:16
ओपन / कमेंट
2024-02-28 16:55:48
21.0K views13:55
ओपन / कमेंट
2024-02-28 16:45:51
17.5K views13:45
ओपन / कमेंट