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Common English expressions: 1. Fed up - this means, to have h | English Speaking Course

Common English expressions:

1. Fed up - this means, to have had enough (परेशान हो जाना)

2. Feel like - this means, want to do something (कुछ करने का मन होना)

3. No hard feelings - don't worry (कोई नाराजगी या गुस्सा नहीं होना)

4. Heavy duty - tough and powerful

5. Hook up - to connect (संबंध रखना)

6. Join forces - means to unite (मिलकर काम करना)

7. Just what the doctor ordered - means what you need (जिसकी जरूरत हो)

8. Just about - nearly (लगभग)

9. Ins and outs - the small details (विस्तृत जानकारी)

10. In hand - under control (नियंत्रण में)

11. Kick around - treat badly (बुरा व्यवहार करना)

12. Kick the bucket - to die (मरना)

13. Knock it off - to stop it (रोकना)

14. Know-it-all - means, over confident (जरूरत से ज्यादा या अनुचित रूप से आश्वस्त)

15. Keep on - continue (जारी रखना)

16. In less than no time - immediately (तुरंत)

17. Long face - sad (उदास होना)

18. Means business - to be serious about your work (अपने काम से काम रखना)

19. Make up your mind - decide (तय करना)

20. Make off with - to steal (अवैध तरीके से दूर ले जाना)

21. Make belief - to pretend (ढोंग करना)

22. Mixed up - confused (उलझन में होना)

23. Makes sense - seems reasonable/ right (समझ में आना या सही प्रतीत होना)

24. Make a difference - to matter (मायने रखना)

25. Nail it down - finalize it (अंतिम रूप देना)

26. Never mind - don't worry about it (कोई बात नहीं)

27. No doubt - certainly (निस्संदेह/निश्चित रूप से)

28. No sweat - it's easy to do/ Ok (आसनी से)

29. Of age - old enough (काफी पुराना)

30. Off the hook - out of trouble (छुटकारा पाना)

31. Once in a blue moon - rarely (शायद ही कभी)

32. Out of order - does not work (खराब होना)

33. Out of shape - to be unfit (बेढंगा)