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टेलीग्राम चैनल का लोगो egvians — GOPAL VERMA ENGLISH G
टेलीग्राम चैनल का लोगो egvians — GOPAL VERMA ENGLISH
चैनल का पता: @egvians
श्रेणियाँ: बोली
भाषा: हिंदी
ग्राहकों: 99.41K
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2022-01-16 15:32:25

The wait is over now
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2022-01-13 16:26:14 धैर्य कड़वा हो सकता है परन्तु उसका फल सदैव मीठा ही होता है।

जिन्दगी में सोच का अंधेरा रात के अंधेरे से ज्यादा खतरनाक होता है इसलिए जिन्दगी में चिंता नहीं बल्कि चिन्तन करें।

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2022-01-12 22:10:02
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2022-01-12 11:22:31 #The_Hindu_Vocabulary

1. STIFLE (VERB): Restrain:(बुझाना)
Synonyms: suppress, repress    Antonyms: release, free
Example Sentence: She makes no attempt to stifle a yawn.

2. ARCHAIC (ADJECTIVE): Old-fashioned:(अप्रचलित)
Synonyms: obsolete, antiquated        
Antonyms: latest, modern
Example Sentence: These archaic practices are advocated by people of limited outlook.

3. PRUNE (VERB): Pare down:(छाँटना)
Synonyms: trim, reduce            
Antonyms: include, increase
Example Sentence: Economic hard times are forcing the companies to prune their budget.

4. ASCENSION (NOUN): Taking over:(अधिरोहण)
Synonyms: succession, assumption
Antonyms: declension, decline
Example Sentence: He was killed after his ascension to the throne.

5. STIFFEN (VERB): Make or become harder:(ठोस बनाना)
Synonyms: tighten, solidify    Antonyms:  weaken, dilute
Example Sentence: The blood supply to the skin is reduced when muscles stiffen.

6. FRET (VERB): To worry:(चिढ़ना)
Synonyms: agonize, bother   Antonyms: please, delight                  
Example Sentence: She was always fretting about something or the other. 

7. ETHEREAL (ADJECTIVE): Extremely delicate:(हल्का)
Synonyms: light, sublime     
Antonyms: earthly, indelicate
Example Sentence: In this ethereal realm are the currents that make possible wireless telegraphy.

8. CONTRITE (ADJECTIVE): Chastened:(पश्चात्तापी)
Synonyms: repentant, sorrowful  
Antonyms: indifferent, unapologetic
Example Sentence: He was so contrite that he wrote me a letter of apology.

9. CORNUCOPIA (NOUN):  Abundance:(प्राचुर्य)
Synonyms: bounty, fullness   
Antonyms:  need, lack
Example Sentence: I shall come from London Town with a cornucopia of presents.

10. FLOP (VERB): Slump:(गिर पड़ना)
Synonyms: fall, drop    
Antonyms: succeed, achieve
Example Sentence: She flopped, exhausted, on to the sofa.
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2022-01-11 13:56:59 #The_Hindu_Vocabulary

1. BRACE (VERB): fortify:(बन्धनी)
Synonyms: gird, prepare
Antonyms: free, let go
Example sentence: The posts were braced by timber.

2. TURGID (ADJECTIVE): swollen:(सूजा हुआ)
Synonyms: bloated, disintended
Antonyms: plain, simple
Example sentence: A turgid river was ahead his way.

3. TROVE (NOUN): accretion:(जमाव)
Synonyms: aggregation, agglomeration
Antonyms: subtraction, dispersal
Example sentence: I saw the cellar contained a trove of rare wine.

4. TURBID (ADJECTIVE): dense:(गंदा)
Synonyms: muddy, murky
Antonyms: clear, neat
Example sentence: It was a turbid weather.

5. TWINGE (NOUN): sharp pain:(टीस)
Synonyms: ache, pang
Antonyms: advantage, blessing
Example sentence: I was feeling twinge in my heels.

6. TAWDRY (ADJECTIVE): tacky:(घटिया)
Synonyms: cheap, sleazy
Antonyms: nice, tasteful
Example sentence: His house was in a tawdry location.

7. DIRE (ADJECTIVE): urgent:(डरावना)
Synonyms: drastic, extreme
Antonyms: calm, mild
Example sentence: The dire need is there to save water.

8. SAVVY (ADJECTIVE): calculating: (जानकार)
Synonyms: cunning, impeachable
Antonyms: blameless, innocent
Example sentence: Why are you being so savvy?

9. CULPABLE (ADJECTIVE): guilty: (आपराधिक)
Synonyms: liable, cosset
Antonyms: upset, hurt
Example sentence: He is a culpable minister.

10. CONCOMITANT (ADJECTIVE): contributing:(सहगामी)
Synonyms: adjuvant, coefficient
Antonyms: unrelated, accidental
Example sentence: She loved mountaineering, with all its concomitant worries.
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2022-01-11 13:55:11 #The_Hindu_Vocabulary

1. Whimsical (अद्भुत)
Use in a Sentence: Much of his writing has a whimsical quality.

2. Breakneck (संकटमय)
Use in a Sentence: We raced down the mountain at breakneck speed.

3. Wrangle (लड़ाई-झगड़ा करना)
Use in a Sentence: On Friday night, five people were wrangling on the road.

4. Word: Prudent (चतुर)
Use in a Sentence: It would be prudent to save some of the money.

5. Extraneous (असम्बद्ध)
Use in a Sentence: We shall ignore factors extraneous to the problem.

6. Lurk (छुपा रहना)
Use in a Sentence: Hidden dangers lurk in the ocean depths.

7. Niche (स्थान)
Use in a Sentence: He had found his own little niche in life.

8. Diligence (कर्मठता)
Use in a Sentence: We need a diligence check of the results to improve the situation.

9. Sorely (कष्टपूर्वक)
Use in a Sentence: The demands of the job have tried him sorely.

10. Imperative (आज्ञार्थक,जरूरी)
Use in a Sentence: In an organization, a prompt reply is imperative.
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2022-01-11 10:54:18

Must watch
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2022-01-10 15:16:14 #The_Hindu_Vocabulary

Peril- ख़तरा
Amnesia- विस्मरण
Apart- पृथक
Irony- व्यंग्य
Gist- निष्कर्ष
Overall- कुल मिलाकर
Hail- शाबाशी देना
Obfuscation- घबराहट
Sovereignty- प्रभुता
Tenuous- पतला
Grasp- समझ लेना
Plebiscite- जनमत-संग्रह
Eventual- संभावित
Amenable- आज्ञाकारी
Autonomy- स्वयं शासन
Foremost- सबसे आगे का
Residuary- शेष का
Vestige- निशान, प्रभाव
Underpinning- नया आधार लगाना
Retreat- पीछे हटना
Exertion- परिश्रम
On the verge of- के कगार पर
Entities- अस्तित्व
Obfuscation- घबराहट
Unfettered- बंधनमुक्त
Dizzying- चक्कर दिलाने वाला
Climb- बढ़ना
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2022-01-10 15:15:39 #The_Hindu_Vocabulary

1. EAGERNESS (NOUN): enthusiasm: (उत्सुकता)
Synonyms: longing, yearning
Antonyms: apathy, reluctance
Example Sentence: His eagerness for fame can be seen in his actions.

2. ARDUOUS (ADJECTIVE): difficult: (कठिन)
Synonyms: onerous, uphill
Antonyms: effortless, pleasant
Example Sentence: The arduous task was completed on time.

3. FANATIC (NOUN): an overenthusiastic person: (उन्मादी)
Synonyms: bigot, radical
Antonym: liberal, moderate
Example Sentence: The fanatics are disliked by everyone.

4. PINNACLE (NOUN): top: (परमोत्कर्ष)
Synonyms: apex, zenith
Antonyms: nadir, base
Example Sentence: They reached the pinnacle of their career honestly.

5. DETRIMENT (NOUN): disadvantage: (अहित)
Synonyms: liability, drawback
Antonyms: boon, gain
Example Sentence: They faced many detriments while achieving their goal.

6. ZEST (NOUN): spicing: (स्वाद)
Synonyms: seasoning, flavoring
Antonym: indifference, lethargy
Example Sentence: A bit of zest is important in life.

7. WAYWARD (ADJECTIVE): contrary: (स्वेच्छाचारी)
Synonyms: delinquent, capricious
Antonyms: compliant, obedient
Example Sentence: The wayward points in the case made him lose it.

8. GAPE (VERB): stare: (मुँह बाये देखना)
Synonyms: glare, ogle
Antonyms: ignore, overlook
Example Sentence: Many people gape in anger.

9. PINE (VERB): long for: (लालायित होना)
Synonyms: crave, hanker
Antonyms: dislike, despise
Example sentence: They pined for a lot money and ended up in jail.

10. MUFFLED (ADJECTIVE): quietened: (अवरुद्ध)
Synonyms: silenced, subdued
Antonyms: encouraged, promoted
Example Sentence: He muffled the noise with his roar.
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