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नवीनतम संदेश 7

2021-07-01 18:01:21 ♦️Implementing and Operating Cisco Collaboration Core 350-801 Technologies (CLCOR) v1.0♦️

👍 Happy Learning

Download Link ⬇️ -
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2021-07-01 12:15:37 🔰Videohive | Revolution Youtubers Pack 🔰

🌀What’s included? :

25 End Screens;

25 Instagram Stories templates for YouTube;

25 Animated subscription elements;

25 Animated backgrounds;

25 Animated quotes;

27 Shape transitions;

25 Animated icons;

25 Color grade effects

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2021-06-30 07:26:08 The Investment Banking Bundle

MEGA folder
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2021-06-30 07:18:23 ❇️How to Stop Instagram Data Tracking to Limit Targeted Ads

we have shared a step-by-step guide on limiting Instagram data tracking to stop targeted ads.

🔹Step 1: First of all, launch the Facebook app on your Android smartphone.

🔹Step 2: Now tap on the three horizontal lines as shown below.

🔹Step 3: Next, tap on the Settings & Privacy option.

🔹Step 4: Under Settings & Privacy, tap on the ‘Settings.’

🔹Step 5: Now scroll down and tap on the ‘Ad Preferences’ option.

🔹Step 6: Now tap on the ‘Ad Settings’ option.

🔹Step 7: Under the Ad Settings, scroll down and tap on the ‘Data about your activity from partners’

🔹Step 8: On the next page, use the toggle button to turn off ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram.’

🔹Step 9: Now go back and tap on the ‘Categories used to reach you’

🔹Step 10: Tap on the ‘Interest Categories’

🔹Step 11: You need to opt-out of all the Interest Categories

🔹Step 12: You need to do the same for ‘Other Categories’ as well.

That’s it! You are done. Now you won’t get highly accurate ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Keep supporting us❤️,
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2021-06-29 13:33:49

Free Course on:

Overcoming Anxiety


Free Course on:

Dating and Relationships

Total 3GB worth MEGA folders
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2021-06-28 08:59:45 audiobooks and ebooks
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2021-06-28 08:59:40 Free Stuff Incoming!
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2021-06-26 20:37:41 Freelance masterclass

G Drive
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2021-06-26 06:51:26 Something Related to Philosophy:

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2021-06-26 06:50:15 React, NodeJS, Express & MongoDB - The MERN Fullstack Guide [7.36 GB]

Paid Udemy link

Free Download link
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2021-06-25 15:50:16 Business Intelligence Analyst

Gdrive Link-
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2021-06-24 19:35:29 📌 Logo Design Mastery: The Full Course

Gdrive Link:
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2021-06-24 08:55:50 Digital Marketing Basics

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2021-06-23 10:04:50 Microsoft Windows 10 Training Professional Course

Gdrive Link:
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2021-06-22 19:39:45 People Actually pay 10-100$ for these courses, while they can be freely accessed here. Share this channel with your friends. Help them.
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2021-06-22 10:29:53 Web Components & Stencil.js - Build Custom HTML Elements
Instructor:Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Original Link:
Gdrive Link:
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2021-06-22 10:09:05 Oracle Cloud All courses


MEGA Folders
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2021-06-22 09:56:51 This one is Quite Rare, and Divided into 4 parts.


Very HQ

Volume 1 :

Volume 2 :

Volume 3:

Volume 4:
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2021-06-22 09:00:29 Ankur warikoo course on time management.

MEGA folder.
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2021-06-21 16:08:07 Wordpress Beginner course

G Drive File:
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2021-06-21 11:35:06 Today's Giveaway🔥

🔰 Master EthicalHacking in Android 🔰

Course content overview :
Introduction to Termux
Installing Termux Application on Android Phone
Hacker Keyboard Installation
Top Commands
Sending SMS
Make Call
Creating Storage
C Programming
c ++ Programming
Python Programming
Installation Metasploit Framework
Android Phone Hacking
Accessing the Files and Contacts of Android Phone
Hacking Windows
Http enum_wayback auxiliary scanner
Endpoint_mapper – Scanner DCERPC Auxiliary Modules
Autopwn – auxiliary scanner
Email harvesting Using Metasploit
SSH version Scanner
FTP Version Scanning
Heartbleed Vulnerability(openssl scanner)
Checking the status of target Machine
Checking the ports of target Machines
Miscellaneous Hackings
DDOS Attack
SQL mapping
Finding Location
Web Scanning
Phishing Attack
Brute Force Attack
Installation SEtoolkit

Google Drive Link:
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2021-06-20 00:27:44 Stock Market Course, as Requested by a Subscriber.

1+ TB of Stock Market Course including Technical Analysis, Price Action, Forex, F&O, Crypto Currency

Very Usefull
Import it Fast 😬
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2021-06-19 06:17:27 Microsoft Windows 11 Beta Version

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2021-06-19 01:17:35 [Forwarded from MEGA Links]

Link Contains

1)2D Animation Essentials in Anime Studio Pro Adobe Illustrator Crash Course
2)Fundamentals of Photoshop: Getting Started with the Interface, Tools, and Layers (Photoshop I)
3)Fundamentals of Photoshop: Drawing, Layers, Masks, and Selections (Photoshop II)
4)Fundamentals of Photoshop: Typography and the Pen Tool (Photoshop III)
5)Fundamentals of Photoshop: Color, Swatches, and Blending (Photoshop IV)
6)Fundamentals of Photoshop: Creating Efficient Workflows, Tips, and Tricks (Photoshop V)
7)Master Game Development With Unity Game Engine Volume 1 - 16
8)Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 for Beginners

🚦Download Link
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2021-06-19 01:17:20 [Forwarded from MEGA Links]
For Electrical Engineers

Design Your PCB Board Using Altium Designer (Arduino Nano)


Download 👇👇
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