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टेलीग्राम चैनल का लोगो catuserbot17 — Catuserbot
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नवीनतम संदेश

2022-08-15 04:57:17
2.3K views01:57
ओपन / कमेंट
2022-07-24 17:23:25 🅻🆄🅶🅸🅽 🆄 🅳 🆃🅴

☞ Major Update
☞ Use .update deploy
☞ Version: 3.2.0
Catuserbot Version 3.2.0 (major update)

✚ Additions:
Added VC support:
• Required Var:
- VCMODE = True
- VC_SESSION = New Session (Optional)
• Required Buildpack:
- heroku-buildpack-nodejs

Redesigned InlineQuery:
• Added Spotify, FileManager, CmdSearch.
• Added Multiple user support for Secret & Troll.

Added New Chatbot (using Kuki):
• RANDOM_STUFF_API_KEY var is removed (no longer needed).

✚ Improvements:
App: Redesigned & Fixed error.
Gdrive: Added flag [-t] in [.glist] & post in telegraph for long list.
Groupdata: Added [.grpstats]
Heroku: Added [.buildpack]
Logo: Added flag [-f] in [.logo] & Added random backgrounds (Do [.lbg] to get)
Notebook: Added flag [-f] in [.write]
Pastebin: Added [.rayso]
Songs: Added flag [s] in [.shazam]
Spam: Added [.rspam]
Spotify: Added inline query & changed bot to @CatMusicRobot for [.now]
Stats: Added flag [p] in [.stat] to get public links & changed to multiple texts for long message instead of file.
Vps: Added branch switch support, can switch branch like heroku now on vps also.
Whois: Added Is_Premium

✚ Bug Fixes:
Android: [.device] - Error on Uppercase.
Anilist: [.mal] - Error on Response.
Carbon: Webdriver Error (Removed .krb).
Dictionary: [.meaning] - Reformatted using Api (Removed PyDictonary).
Fake: [.prankpromote] - Error on promote, if other than owner.
Ffmpeg: - Error on document files.
FileConverts: [.gif / .vtog] - Large gif size.
Lyrics: - Error on Vps.
Ocr: - Error on getting image from file.
Quotly: [.q] - Improved font.
Spam: [.spspam] - Error for Premium sticker.
Stickers: - Error on kanging video & animated stickers.
Ytdl: [.insta] - Error on getting videos.

☞ Note: If update deploy doesn't work, check #manual_deploy in support group.
VC Repo & Adding NodeJS Buildpack Tutorial
☞ Signing off @Cat_Devs & @Cat_Admins

Cᴀтusᴇʀʙoт « @catuserbot »
5.0K views14:23
ओपन / कमेंट
2022-05-31 21:01:22
As we complete 2 years of CatUserbot today,
We would like to thank all of you for all your support and love you have shown us through out these 2 years. We hope you will continue your love towards this project and support it in future too.

Channel 13k+ members
Support Group 4.7k+ members
CatUserbot Forks 5.9k+
Stars on repo 1.3k+

Update News :
We are working on some things and we will release update by June month end or sooner.

☞ Thanks to all those people who created and sent us their logos for Catuserbot. We will make sure to use them all in future and also if anyone can create Catuserbot pics and send to admins, we can add them here: @CatUserbot_pics
☞ Signing off: @Cat_Admins

Cᴀтusᴇʀʙoт «@Catuserbot»
Pic Credits: @WaruiDevil
1.3K viewsedited  18:01
ओपन / कमेंट
2022-05-28 19:34:45 Good evening brothers and sisters.
A joyful weekend to you!

As we are completing 2 years of catuserbot (launched on 31st may 2020). We would like to request you guys to design a profile photo for celebrations of 2 years for our Channel, Support Group, Off-topic Group and Spam Group.

Requirements: We don't need any neon colored profile photo. A simple and good looking profile photo is all we need. Show us your creativity. You can take examples from our current profile pics (all our previous profile photos use "permanent marker" font. So, if possible try to use that only. If background doesn't suit then change to most suitable font)
Send in group and tag admins.

Thank you guys for supporting us for these 2 years.
Keep on supporting and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Cᴀтusᴇʀʙoт « @catuserbot »
1.4K viewsedited  16:34
ओपन / कमेंट
2022-05-12 00:57:04 Guys! We need your help to grow our YouTube channel - so please subscribe, it will help us in getting a custom link for our channel.
We ask you to do this as a token of appreciation towards the devs and to motivate them, as they work so hard to update & maintain catuserbot without being paid anything, for free.
All you guys have to do is just subscribe.

Our Youtube channel : Catuserbot Channel

Cᴀтusᴇʀʙoт «@Catuserbot»
1.8K views21:57
ओपन / कमेंट
2022-05-07 22:06:59 News Update:
And We're back! Better than ever.
We will soon be uploading more videos which were uploaded before.
Thank you for your patience!

Our Youtube channel : Catuserbot Channel
The Tutorial video : Deploy Process

Help us grow!
Make sure to spread the news, drop a like & subscribe.

Cᴀтusᴇʀʙoт «@Catuserbot»
3.6K views19:06
ओपन / कमेंट
2022-04-28 18:31:23 🅻🆄🅶🅸🅽 🆄 🅳 🆃🅴

☞ Minor update
☞ If you're using catuserbot version 3.1.0, do .restart to update ;
If on any older version, then you need to do .update deploy
☞ Version : 3.1.1
CatUserBot Version : 3.1.1 (Bug Fix)

Bug Fixes :
Nekopack - External Repo install.
Spotify - Lyrics error if genius api not set, Song title multi-lang support for .spnow.
Quotly - Time stamp, Name, Multi-lang support.
Autoprofile - Default Pic moved to database.
Corecmds - .uninstall & .send error for External & Badcat plugins.
Help - .cmds throws useless category error.
Stickers - Kanging stickers fixed for Arabic users.
Mess - .kiss user_id error [ BadCat ]

Improvements & Additions :
Spotify - .now moved to spotify with help of Deezer Bot.
Stickerfun - Improved word wrap & added multi-language support.
[.doge .gandhi .quby .penguin]
Ffmpeg - video compressor added.
[.compress .fcompress]
Ffmpeg - Save from direct path & .atrim default trims whole audio from video.
Animation4 - Added back missing animations.
[.hmm .uff]
Status - Added to External plugin. [.online .offline]

Signing off ~ @Cat_Devs

Cᴀтusᴇʀʙoт « @catuserbot »
1.5K viewsedited  15:31
ओपन / कमेंट
2022-04-14 15:07:51 🅻🆄🅶🅸🅽 🆄 🅳 🆃🅴

☞ Major Update
☞ Use
.update deploy
☞ Version : 3.1.0
Catuserbot Version : 3.1.0 (major update)

☞ Added External repo support (so you can set EXTERNAL_REPO var with True or your custom plugins repo link to get custom plugins).
☞ From now onwards there is no Badcat or Goodcat, while deploying you only need to set a var BADCAT = True in vars to get 18+ plugins.
☞ Added Spotify now support (you can check which song you are playing on your spotify account from Telegram).
☞ Added fake user quotly support (".fq username text").
☞ " PING_PIC & PING_TEMPLATE " support are added newly, similar to " ALIVE_PIC & ALIVE_TEMPLATE " ( check @CatTemplates for more info).
☞ You can save your default profile by using ".setdv DEFAULT_USER " , so that for .revert command , spotify and autoprofile plugins, these defaults are used.
☞ Added "gis" command for showing google search image with given query.
☞ Added spoiler markdown use "||" before and after the spoiler text in your message to get spoiler format.
☞ Added strikedown markdown use "~~" before and after the text in your message to get strikedown format.
☞ Added new plugin notebook .
☞ Translate support added for ocr plugin.
Temp approve support is added for pmpermit( will approve for 24 hours only or until heroku restarts).
☞ "penguin" and "gandhi" commands are added newly in stickerfun plugin.
☞ Added custom pic support for (/start cmd in bot).
☞ Added media support for ibutton.
☞ Video sticker support added for .gif .
☞ New VPS plugin to edit config and update bot (now you can update your bot hosted in vps from telegram by . update now).

Fixes and updations
☞ Using yt_dlp from now onwards instead of youtube_dl for song and ytdl commands.
☞ Updated telethon to support new telegram features.
☞ Updated anilist commands (anime and sanime commands merged to one with flags, manga command and char command also updated).
☞ ".chain" command updated.
☞ " CHANGE_TIME & DIGITAL_PIC " are newly added to db from heroku vars.
Gdrive plugin is fixed (gauth and the error when folder id is not set).
☞ "lmg" command / "letmesearch" plugin is fixed and also added reply support.
☞ From now onwards "block" and "unblock" can be used normally no need to turn on pmguard.
☞ "q" cmd is fixed for private messages.
☞ Video sticker kanging is fixed.
☞ ".insta" cmd is fixed.
☞ ".dlto" cmd is fixed.
☞ ".ctime" command is now ".time" and vice-versa.
☞ Fixed sticker kanging to multiple packs.

specs command removed from andriod plugin.
.gali removed from goodcat

Plugins moved to External repo
☞ amongus, animation1, animation2, animation3, animation4, animation5, animation6, art, azan, covid, cricket, echo, emojify, figlet, fonts, funarts, funnyfonts, funtxts, games, hack, imgmemes, imgfun, mask, memes, memestext, quotes, randomsticker, randomtext, recognize, textformat, xiaomi
☞ Set EXTERNAL_REPO var as True in vars to install the above plugins.
☞ Set BADCAT var as True in vars to install 18+ plugins.

☞ Note: if update deploy doesn't work check #manual_deploy in support group
☞ Note: Users who are in badcat repo please delete UPSTREAM_REPO var
☞ Main repo & Custom plugins repo
☞ Signing off @Cat_Devs

Cᴀтusᴇʀʙoт « @catuserbot »
2.2K viewsedited  12:07
ओपन / कमेंट
2022-02-12 17:02:49 🅻🆄🅶🅸🅽 🆄 🅳 🆃🅴

Guys, CatUserbot and NekoPack - both repos have been shifted to new github organization, Because of this & also for upcoming updates you need to deploy your bots again.

It will just take 5 minutes of your time - Turn off dynos of your old app and then deploy new app and copy paste vars and values from previous app to new app.

CatUserBot version-3.0.6 - minor fixes

☞ Added video/gif to sticker
☞ Fixed song cmd
☞ Fixed iytdl
☞ Some other minor fixes

New Repos links are here
NekoPack - Used to deploy CatUserBot in Heroku
CatUserbot - Source Code of CatUserBot

Note: While deploying Fork NekoPack and click on deploy button from the forked repo. if you have forked already Delete old fork and fork newly

Everyone need to deploy newly

Cᴀтusᴇʀʙoт « @catuserbot »
1.8K viewsedited  14:02
ओपन / कमेंट
2022-02-05 20:12:03 🅻🆄🅶🅸🅽 🆄 🅳 🆃🅴

Minor update for Badcat
☞ Use .restart to update.
Changes :
☞ Added video/gif to webm (video sticker) conversion <.vas >
☞ Added mp4, webm, gif kang support in stickers <.kang >
☞ Added distortion media bot <.dis >

Cᴀтusᴇʀʙoт « @catuserbot »
2.3K viewsedited  17:12
ओपन / कमेंट