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All the most relevant about ICO startups. News of the day, author's articles, expert reviews. Regular ICO calendar for the next week, actual information about ICO regulation in various countries. Join the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) world with channel "ICO and Crypto News".


The sickest, rudest, most offensive, inappropriate & politically incorrect jokes — we've got them all! Use tags for yuor favorite type of shit. Sickipedia is the channel where you will find the most gentle and rude humor. These jokes will make you laugh to tears.


News and information from the Linux world. If you have a desire to use this operating system, then you need to learn how to install and how to start Linux. Here is best Linux distributions for all type of users, free online training, tutorials, jokes and more.

The best and most recent information for the Telegram messenger lovers. Coming Telegram-features, often before they are public! From one to ten posts and messages to month. Read the latest Telegram-related news at Telegram Features channel!

Like You Bro

"Be Like Bro" is fictional comic character. This is official personage's channel. Get the best Humours and Jokes from Bro. If you like modern culture, humor and memes, you will like it. Here are published only jokes in the form of pictures. Say no to long and complex texts!

A programmer is a complex and responsible work. Only those who have this vocation do it well. To do your work first-class, you must be able to properly relax. This channel will serve you daily programmer jokes. Feel free to laugh, but don't do it while coding.

The best Stickers

Animated series «Adventure time» appeared on the screens back in 2010. The main characters of the cartoon boy Finn and Jake magical dog, live in a post-apocalyptic world that is called the "Land of Ooo." Their main mission - to help all the inhabitants of the surrounding lands that are in trouble.

Caricature man Vault Boy is a mascot Fallout series of games, the image of which is used as an illustration for the characteristics Special, abilities, skills, trophies, achievements, etc. Almost all Fallout fans love this man, so a set of stickers «Vault Boy», where it is represented in different images and expresses terrific emotion, is a good choice.

These pictures created for lovers of furry pets. All cat owners gradually become virtually slaves of their kittens. Therefore, anybody will be quite clear to the scenes represented in every sticker in set "Life with a cat." Meow, dear ownerrr!

It is known that the best start to the day is a rich breakfast. Someone will prefer to eat porridge, someone will choose an egg. Of course, eggs are much more fun! Meet this scrambled named Penny. She is cheerful and a little desperate. She loves to dream and not afraid of anything except too much fire.

This set is dedicated to the famous series of comic book of publishing house DC Comics. Batman - the secret alter ego of billionaire Bruce Wayne. His whole life is the continuous test to pass which is becoming increasingly difficult. But who will save Gottem if not he?

We have to accept that today we live in a world of consumption. We constantly consume content from the Internet, TV and media. Advertising ideas so firmly embedded in the consciousness that it is already impossible to distinguish own thoughts from imposed.


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